Welcome to the Faculty of Science

A message from the Dean

Malcolm Butler, Dean, Faculty of Science

Carleton University was founded as a university with deep roots in the community. We are proud of that legacy, our continued commitment to the community, and of the role the Faculty of Science has played since it was created.

Science can connect to our communities in different ways. Fundamental research helps us understand and appreciate the world and universe around us. Research in areas that touch on our health and well-being impact our quality of life and our ability to enjoy our natural surroundings. Citizen scientists are important partners to the university and we work to minimize our impact on the natural environment and to understand the complex ways we interact with the planet. The mathematical and computational sciences help us make sense of an ever-more complicated world and strive to simplify our interactions with technology.

It is important to emphasize that commitment to community is shared by everyone- faculty, staff, and students. We have students leading activities in "Let's Talk Science" and people from every corner of the faculty working in and supporting other activities that partner with teachers to support our community schools. This includes bringing strudents on campus to experience science first-hand in the laboratory. 

Our science cafes and public lectures are another way we connect to our local community. It is vital that universities be part of the communities where they live, sharing our excitement about our discoveries but also hearing the thoughts and questions of our neighbours.