Faculty of Science Research Excellence Awards

Each year we celebrate excellence in research within our own faculty by awarding Faculty of Science Research Excellence Awards. These awards are independent of other awards at Carleton and are announced at the Faculty of Science Holiday Event in December.

The purpose of the Faculty of Science Research Excellence Awards (FS-REA) is to recognize research excellence in the Faculty of Science. Specifically, these awards are intended to recognize the research productivity of the recipients.

There shall be up to three (3) FS-REAs awards per year, one in each of the three ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor). The value of the award is $5000 and will take the form of an unrestricted research fund. The start-date of the award will be May 1 following the date of application.

Faculty members, who have been employed as professors (at any rank) of the Faculty of Science for at least two calendar years immediately before the year of the application, are eligible to apply (for example, the applicant applying in 2018 should be a professor in the Faculty of Science for the whole 2016 and 2017 calendar years).  Applicants will be considered for the award at the rank, as of the September 30th two years before application date.  Faculty is only eligible to win this award one time at a given rank. There are no restrictions on the number of times an applicant can apply.

Candidates can be either nominated (with the nominee’s consent) by a colleague professor or department/school tenure and promotion committees, or apply directly for the FS-REA. Nominations or applications should be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Science (odscienceatcarleton [dot] ca)  by November 30, together with the following two documents:

  1. Up to one page (letter size with 12pt font size) application, containing the following information (if applicable):
  • Applicant Name, current rank, unit, rank two years ago, date of employment (at a professor rank), and email address.
  • Rationale for choice of publication outlets
  • Author and publication convention in your field
  • Your role in the co-authored publications
  • Additional information about the contributions that you may wish to highlight.  This can include a discussion of the context, importance, or impact.
  1. A list of all peer-reviewed research contributions published within the previous two calendar years (for example, if the application is made in 2018, then only publications in 2016 and 2017 should be included. All accepted or submitted work should NOT be included). This can include peer-reviewed journal publications, books, book chapters, and conference publications. Include the full authorship as it appears in the original publication, year, title, name and volume of the publication, and the first and last page numbers as appropriate.

All candidates should be considered and the recipients of the awards will be decided by the Faculty of Science Chairs and Directors Committee.