Science Capability

Overview: Using our gas chromatography- and high performance liquid chromatography-coupled mass spectrometers, we can accurately identify and quantify the molecular components of complex samples.

Centre Capacity: 5 LC-MS systems and 2 GC-MS systems (including headspace sampling capabilities), with wet-bench sample preparation space and a fume hood.


  • Director: Professor Jeff Smith
  • Associate Director: Professor Jeff Manthorpe
  • Operations Manager: Karl Wasslen
  • Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD students, Masters students, and Undergraduates

Industrial Application

Focus:  Life Sciences, Chemical Manufacturing, Food/Beverage Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Security and Defence, Clean Technologies, Environmental Monitoring

Project Examples: Analysis of diesel fuel precursors to identify new fuel sources, chemical breakdown of perfume products to ensure market consistency, nutrient profile for leafy green vegetables to optimize growing conditions, technology development of detection systems for explosive residues, analysis of flavour compounds in beverages to monitor shelf life and optimize storage conditions.

Engagement types and co-funding

  • R&D partnerships (up to 80% cash contributions available)
  • Contract research and consulting
  • Fee-for-service testing
  • Industrial-partnered student internships (up to 50% cash contributions available)
  • Quality control analysis


Point of Contact: Jeff Smirle, Business Manager- Faculty of Science; 613-875-1355


Contact Information

Jeff Smirle, Business Manager- Faculty of Science
Phone: 613-875-1355

Facility Details

The Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre