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Overview: The ideal decision-making environment is rarely met: decision-makers are often faced with an excess or a scarcity of data. While tradition and instinct may provide adequate guidance in certain cases, the nature and complexity of others require deeper scrutiny. CQADS is built on the proposition that the best decisions are those backed by evidence. Our consultants harness the strength and flexibility of quantitative methods to support our clients and communities.


  • Provide consulting services and share our expertise while solving real-world and academic problems
  • Provide funding, training and experience for students and postdoctoral researchers
  • Facilitate collaborations through cross-disciplinary research in mathematics and statistics
  • Stimulate the dissemination of such research through short courses and seminars


  • Director, Operations Manager, Senior Consultant: Patrick Boily
  • Consultants: Faculty members, Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD students, and Masters students

Industrial Application

Focus: Private (individuals, businesses and private companies); Public (departments, agencies and organizations at all levels of public administration); Other (hospitals, firefighting and rescue services, school boards, NGOs, NPOs, charities, etc.)

Project Examples: Statistical Analysis (experimental design and implementation, data analysis, and interpretation); Analytics and Data Science (predictive modeling, forecasting, and data mining); Surveying (questionnaire design, sampling design, sample size and allocation); Operations Research (optimization, modeling, simulations and numerical analysis); Stochastic Analysis (stochastic modeling, performance evaluation, control and queuing networks); Other (business intelligence, risk and benefit-cost analysis, expert testimony, newsletters, LaTeX typesetting)


“The team at CQADS has excelled at applying advanced mathematical and statistical concepts to real world problems. They have provided valuable analysis and decision support tools which continue to be relied upon. Their ability to deliver tangible results to complex problems and meet tight deadlines has exceeded our expectations.”

June Lavigne
Manager, Advanced Analytics / Gestionnaire, Analytique avancée
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority /
Administration canadienne de la sûreté du transport aérien

Engagement types and co-funding

  • Consulting Services
  • Industrial-partnered student internships (up to 50% cash contributions available)

Point of Contact: Patrick Boily, Faculty of Science, cqads@carleton.ca, 613‐520‐2600 ext. 7488

Website: cqads.carleton.ca

Contact Information

Patrick Boily, Faculty of Science,
Phone: 613‐520‐2600 ext. 7488

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