Science Capability

Overview: The Sample Preparation laboratory prepares a wide range of Geological, Environmental, Engineering, Paleontological, Archeological and other materials for macroscopic, microscopic or compositional analyses (e.g. petrological, structural, geochemical, isotopic, micro CT tomographic imaging, etc.)

Faculty: Science Department: Earth Sciences

Centre Capacity: We have the equipment and technical expertise to produce rock slabs, polished surfaces, regular and polished thin sections, micromounts of various natural and man-made materials, and other materials on request.


  • Operations: Tim Mount (technician) and Ms. Beth McLarty Halfkenny (manager)

Industrial Application

Focus:  Imaging and Analysis of Materials; Energy, Resources and the Environment; Earth and Planetary Sciences (Geochemistry, Geodynamics & Tectonics); Earth Systems (Lithosphere, Sea Level and Climatic Dynamics); Evolutionary Development, Evolution and Life History; Materials Composition and Strength research; Archeological investigations, and others. 

Project Examples:

  • Dr. Brian Cousens – Rocks as Geochemical tracers
  • Dr. Hillary Maddin/ Arjan Mann/ Ryan Paterson/ Jade Atkins in collaboration with Dr. Jordan Mallon and the Museum of Nature– osteohistology and Vertebrate Paleontology
  • Dr. Claudia Schroeder-Adams/Alex Quesnel/ Marissa Davies microfossil separation techniques
  • Archeological project- Dr. Laura Banducci – Roman pottery
  • Other outside projects – Tony LeCheminant –contact melts; Andrew Wigston – carbon sequestration in sandstone deposits/porosity
  • Beth McLarty Halfkenny – petrographic thin sections for Workshops for Teachers/EdGEO

Engagement types and co-funding

  • R&D partnerships
  • Contract research and consulting
  • Industrial-partnered student internships


Point of Contact:  613-520-2600 ext. 4394


Contact Information
Phone: 613-520-2600 ext. 4394

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