Deadline for nominations/applications: November 30, 2022

We are pleased to announce the Faculty of Science Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award.

The award is independent of the University Achievement Awards and recognizes the achievements of faculty and staff in advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).  Up to two awards of $500 each for faculty, instructors (permanent or contract), and staff can be made each year. The winners will be announced at the annual Faculty of Science holiday event in December.

The award recognizes actions or ongoing activities which foster EDI, and different contributions may be recognized with this award. Some examples are:

  • An ongoing action, initiative or program that helps students from an under-represented group feel welcome and included;
  • A tool or practice that provides accommodations for an equity-seeking group (such as increased accessibility for person with disabilities);
  • An initiative or action aiming at adapting or changing procedures, policies, or practices to make them fair or more inclusive;
  • Showing innovation and leadership in fostering an inclusive campus.

Candidates can be nominated (with the nominee’s consent) or may apply directly for the award. The nomination or application will consist of a one-page letter which will speak to the candidate’s suitability for the award, providing concrete examples of the candidate’s contributions in fostering equity, diversity and inclusion in Science.

Please note:

Applicants/nominees with eligible leaves of absence during the assessment period (e.g., medical, parental, eldercare) are invited to:

  • Indicate the leave and the length of the leave*
  • Extend the period of reporting back by the length of the leave  (for example, an applicant for a Science Research Achievement Award with a leave of 6 months taken within the last 2 years would report on research accomplishments over the last 2.5 years)

Applicants/nominees with COVID impacts that resulted in career slowdowns but not formal leaves of absence: 

  • Indicate the approximate percent reduction in time due to COVID circumstances (e.g., 50% reduction in research time due to caring responsibilities) or impacts on activities (e.g., inability to undertake field work or experiments)*

*For both leaves and career slowdowns, stating the nature of the circumstances (e.g., medical, bereavement, family responsibilities, special, COVID etc.) is sufficient.  No further detail is required.

Candidates will be reviewed by a committee which includes:

  • (3) faculty, staff, or postdoctoral members of the Faculty of Science EDI Committee
  • (1) to (2) previous year award winners