Annually the Faculty of Science may grant up to two (2) awards to faculty, instructors, and contract instructors who have demonstrated EDI advocacy, support, activism, promotion, ally initiative, and/or leadership. Awardees will receive $1000, taxed as income. EDI awards recognize and celebrate outstanding actions or ongoing activities which foster EDI, and different types of contributions may be recognized with the award. Examples include: an ongoing action, initiative, or program that helps students, staff and/or faculty from equity-denied groups feel welcome and included; a tool or practice that provides accommodations for an equity-denied group such as increased accessibility for a person with a disability; an initiative or action aimed at adapting or changing procedures, policies, or practices to make them fair or more inclusive; showing innovation and leadership in fostering an inclusive campus.

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application here

To submit an application:

Using the link provided, provide a one-page letter (12pt font, single spaced) providing concrete examples of the candidate’s contributions in fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion in Science.

Assessment Criteria

Actions and Leadership – Measures of actions and leadership may include, but are not limited to:

  • Performing science outreach to individuals or groups from outside the post-secondary academic environment
  • Working to create a culture of equity and inclusivity within their unit, the Faculty of Science, and/or their discipline
  • Showing an ongoing commitment to continued learning, unlearning, and training (e.g., completion of the Kinàmàgawin Indigenous Learning Certificate, implementation of the Kinàmàgawin Report’s 41 Calls to Actions, EDI training, EDI professional development opportunities through scientific societies), incorporating these activities into different aspects of their job
  • Acting as Champion for best practices for inclusivity and accessibility practices
  • Membership on unit, faculty, university, community, or professional society EDI committees
  • Participating intentionally in the creation and circulation of EDI resources for use within the unit, research groups, or collaborations
  • Advocating for EDI initiatives within the unit, faculty, or university (e.g., EDI statements on websites or research groups, developing scholarships and/or fundraising, organizing/participating in events)

Impact – How has the applicant’s initiatives, research, teaching, mentorship, service, and/or leadership significantly enhanced equity, diversity and inclusion in the applicant’s unit, the Faculty of Science, or in their discipline?