Important Information for Health Sciences Building Occupants

This page will serve as an information resource for occupants – staff, faculty and students – of the Health Sciences Building, where construction continues to complete the 4th and 6th floors of the building. Ongoing work is also being done to complete the labs and other spaces on the remaining floors.

The Health Sciences Building Committee has been established to monitor the progress of the continued work, to advise on building occupant needs, both current and future. Action items of the committee will be collected, by date, and provided here to keep occupants informed of issues being addressed.

Recent News

On July 3, 2019 the Dean of Science hosted an Information Session for all occupants of the Health Sciences Building (HSB). The information session included a brief presentation, followed by a question and answer period. The purpose of this session was to provide information regarding the transfer of animals from the uOttawa animal facility to the new Carleton HSB animal facility, as well as a construction update. For those who were unable to attend, a copy of the slide deck can be viewed here. The FAQs from this event can be found below. Should you have any further questions, please e-mail


When will construction be completed?

This will be assessed when the labour disruption ends and will be disseminated from the Office of the Dean of Science to HSB occupants when confirmed.

How does the labour disruption affect the completion of the construction project?

Although the continued sheet metal worker labour disruption is preventing the completion of finishes and some construction work in the level 7 animal facility, it will not affect the animal move timeline. All remaining construction work in the level 7 animal facility will be conducted when the animals are being housed within the level 6 animal facility.

City occupancy for levels 4 and 6, which is required in order to move into these floors, is dependent on the work that the sheet metal workers are responsible for completing.

The timeframe for the completion of all construction work on L2 is also dependent on the resolution of the labour disruption.

How will animals and research be protected from the construction that remains to be done?

Construction in the level 7 animal facility has been suspended in order to allow ACVS to focus on cleaning and preparing the facility for incoming animals. The animals will be moved to the level 7 animal facility in August and will be held there, with no construction work taking place, until the level 6 animal facility is ready to occupy.

The animals will then be moved to the level 6 animal facility in order to be isolated from the construction that needs to be finished in the level 7 facility. Until construction in the building is complete, whether housed in the level 7 or 6 facilities, the animals will be housed in racks resting on thick rubber mats to minimize transmission of any vibrations from work on other floors.

How long do the animals need to acclimate prior to studies commencing in the new facility?

In most cases, the animals usually require one week to acclimate prior to studies commencing in the facility. Please note that one breeding cycle (three weeks) may be lost.

What implications do the timelines for the moves have for animal movement and research?

With the ongoing labour disruption, it is unknown at this juncture the duration for which the animals will be housed in the level 7 facility until they are moved to the level 6 facility, nor the duration that the animals will need to remain in the level 6 facility before they can be moved back to the level 7 facility. Once the labour disruption is concluded and the timeframes for the remaining construction work are sorted out, the Dean’s Office will disseminate updated timelines to all users. At this juncture, we can tell you that research teams will not be asked to move any of their animals back to the level 7 facility when they are being housed within the level 6 facility until they are ready to do so.

The veterinary services consultants recommend that if the duration of housing on in the level 7 facility is short, only acute studies should be done with animals during this time (no breeding, behavioral or more invasive studies should be performed).

What construction is left to complete in the level 7 animal facility?

  • Making final HVAC connections to the B2 BSCs in the chemical suite and the fume hood in one of the necropsy suites
  • Installing stainless steel reducers on the exhausts for the animal caging IVCs in all rodent holding rooms
  • Installing a non-potable water line for the downdraft tables and lab sinks
  • Making final HVAC, potable and non-potable water and lab gas connections to the downdraft tables. This work will also include drywalling, patching and epoxy painting.
  • Installing grates over room exhausts
  • Installing thermostatic mixing valves in the water maze rooms. This work will also include drywalling, patching and epoxy painting.
  • HVAC changes to the new CL2 space to ensure proper air flows and pressures

Will the sixth floor electrophysiology rigs rooms be ready in time for the move back to the animal facility on August 26?

This depends on when the sheet metal worker labour disruption ends. The project team is currently working on making alternative arrangements for the electrophysiologists affected.

How will space within the animal facility be assigned?

The Dean of Science and the Operations Manager of Animal Veterinary Services will work in collaboration to assign space within the HSB animal facility.

If I have further questions, who do I contact?

We have created a special email account for this project. Please send all questions to and your email will be directed to the most appropriate member of the project team that can answer your question.

Please note: The FAQ section of this page will be updated to address new questions as they arise.