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Claudia Schröder-Adams awarded Mercator Fellowship

Earth Sciences professor Claudia Schröder-Adams has been awarded a Mercator Fellowship from the German research foundation Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Fellowships enable intensive, long-term project-based collaboration between researchers from both domestic and foreign institutions. As a Mercator Fellow, Dr. Schröder-Adams will work in Germany for three months with Jens Herrle at the University of Frankfurt on Arctic research.

The research visit coincides with a student field trip both scholars are leading to the Vocontian Basin in southern France at the beginning of May.

Dr. Schröder-Adams recently premiered her documentary Arctic Greenhouse to sold out audiences at the Canadian Museum of Nature. The 55-minute film, shown on Thursday, Jan. 26, follows an expedition that Schröder-Adams and her team made to Nunavut’s Axel Heiberg and Ellesmere islands in 2014, showcasing their research on past climate phases in the Arctic.  She was accompanied by collaborator Jens Herrle, Carleton graduate student Alex Quesnel, and northern resident and videographer Keenan Lindell.