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Science faculty win Graduate Mentoring Awards

Seven faculty members were honoured with a Graduate Mentoring Award on March 6, 2018.  Among the winners were biology professors Jayne Yack and Alex Wong. 

Below are quotes taken from their nomination letters:

Alex Wong (Biology)alex-wong-mentor18-240x160.jpg

  • To be supervised under Alex Wong is truly a privilege and a blessing.…Alex’s support for his graduate students is profound….He is truly an amazing person, professor, scientist and supervisor, who will always be instrumental in where I am today.
  • He treats me, and all of my lab mates, with absolute respect and treats us as equals…he makes our lab not only an amazing place to be,,,but he makes it feel like a family, where he celebrates everyone’s successes and is always there to lift you up and encourage you to do your best.
  • No matter what, his door is always open in you need anything and he is quick to answer frantic texts or emails.
  • Alex’s availability and approachability make him an amazing mentor, perhaps the best mentor ever….His “chill humour” and open-door policy illustrate Alex’s approachable personality.,
  • I find it hard to imagine a better supervisor.


Jayne Yack (Biology)Yack-mentor18-240x253.jpg

  • Jayne is very communicative to all her students. She meets us often to discuss our projects and replies to emails very fast, even on the weekends and holidays. If it is late at night and you need to ask her any questions, you can be sure that by 5 AM in the next day, there will already be a response.
  • She cares very much about the quality of the work of her students and she has put a lot of effort into helping me make sure my work is of high quality….She understands that student’s lives continue outside of school and is always willing to help her students in any way she can.
  • Not only is she approachable and has a positive rapport with her students, she also inspired me to get to love insects and butterflies in a way that I never knew I could.
  • There have been several times when I was struggling with so many thing be it personal or professional, Jayne has been a constant source of motivation and strong pillar of strength…she always motivated me by always reminding that “Persistence + vigilance + problem solving = Success”.

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