68th Annual Spring Conference

Friday, May 4, 2018
Glen House Resort, 1000 Islands Parkway

Spring Conference is Carleton University’s annual weekend retreat for Carleton faculty, librarians, support staff, administrators and retirees. It is a weekend of presentations, interesting discussions, and relaxed social activities centered around this year's theme: “Engaging and Fostering Healthy Communities.”
Dr. Gunnell (Psychology) will explore the relationships between health, exercise and screen time in kids; Dr. Hosseinian (Chemistry) will explain how the Jerusalem Artichoke can provide cleaner sugar; Dr. Peters (Health Sciences) will transport us to rural health initiatives in small, remote villages in Canada, Sweden and Australia; President Summerlee will talk about the Lucky Iron Fish project; Dr. Trudel (School of Industrial Design) will highlight both obvious and obscure initiatives in designing for health; while Dr. Ukwatta (Systems and Computer Engineering) will delve into machine learning for physiological monitoring.