Light Up The Night with Chemistry In the Dark!

Friday, May 11, 2018
8:45 p.m.
Alumni Park, Carleton University

This free one-hour chemistry magic show features fun targeted at the whole family with explosions, a look at the inner workings of fireworks, spontaneous combustions and things that glow in the dark. The show is appropriate and fun for everyone ages 6 and up. Please be aware that there will be loud noises that may scare some small children.

Our goal for this event is to inspire, entertain and inform! We aim to wow you with the visual power of our demonstrations, highlight the underlying chemical and scientific principles behind them, and explain their applications and impacts on our everyday lives.

There will be hands-on activities before the show starting at 7:00. You can make ice cream with liquid nitrogen (and yes, of course you can eat it!), encounter interesting smells, make slime (that you can take home), see some of the demonstrations up close, and much more. This year we will be joined by Let’s Talk Science, who will be adding even more hands-on activities to this already fantastic event!

There will be free parking available in P9, and tons of snacks for you to enjoy. What more reason do you need to come! Don't miss the outdoor chemistry magic show on May 11th