Science Magic Shows

Don't miss the next Chemistry Magic Show on January 19, 2019! See details here.

Stay tuned for more information, soon to be available on the website.

For the past six years, the Department of Chemistry has presented Light Up the Night with Chemistry in the Dark - a free, one-hour show, in which audience members can take a look at the inner workings of fireworks, spontaneous combustions and things that glow in the dark.The magic shows are a favourite with Ottawa residents of all ages.

Before the show, participants are given the opportunity to see some of the experiments up close, and to engage in hands-on activities like making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, encountering lots of interesting smells (including molecules that are left- or right-handed), and much more. 

The actual show begins at dusk, with eye-popping demonstrations followed by an explanation of the underlying chemical and scientific principles which cause them and the impacts these principles have on our everyday lives.

Shows have featured posters about the chemistry of wine and chocolate and a presentation on how advances in chemistry affected the First World War.