Best-Ever Finish for Carleton Computer Science Students

Three Carleton Computer Science students brought the university to its best-ever finish in the Eastern Central North America regional semi-final for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, which brings elite computer programming teams from universities and colleges around the world to solve difficult problems.

Carleton students take on Shopify internships

These Shopify internships will see students split their time between the Carleton campus and Shopify’s downtown headquarters throughout their four-year Bachelor of Computer Science program. They’ll learn both in the classroom and by doing hands-on work, with Shopify paying a salary and covering their tuition as well.

Carleton University Partners with Shopify to Introduce First-in-Canada Multi-Year Student Internships

Learning by doing drives the classroom message home. And earning while learning? Hard to beat. Carleton University and Shopify, the leading cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, are introducing a new model of learning that embeds students in an industrial environment. This fall, 11 Carleton students are splitting their time between the university’s campus and Shopify’s downtown Ottawa headquarters. Students will learn some course concepts at Shopify by joining teams and contributing to projects, with the freedom to take as much or as little time as needed for deep understanding of concepts, in addition to taking theoretical courses and electives at Carleton.

Carleton students benefit from Carleton's N2 Network subscription

Carleton University has joined the N2 Network for one year to allow all Carleton students and staff to apply for online certificate programs offered by the CITI program. The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a leading provider of research education content. CITI’s web-based training materials serve millions of learners at academic institutions, government agencies and commercial organizations around the world.