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Carleton Front Door is an initiative at Carleton University that is designed to provide access to the research expertise and infrastructure at the University to external partners.

Carleton is home to some of the best research talent and state-of-the-art research equipment in the fields of science and engineering, and Carleton Front Door aims to promote collaborations between academia and industry to help augment industrial R&D objectives. Explore our facilities and services and join the many companies partnering with us to innovate and build their businesses.

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Companies Knocking on Carleton’s Door

Carleton’s top-notch scientific research labs are seeing a lot more action with the Front Door Initiative. To help local businesses meet their research goals, the university has opened up lab time to local firms. Trained Carleton employees will operate the machinery and equipment and report back on results.

The best part? Businesses have control over the intellectual property and see results in money-generating time frames. The project has great potential for industrial companies across eastern Ontario looking to kick-start their research.

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Brewing Better Business: Carleton and Bridgehead Research a Coffee Conundrum

On the ground floor of Carleton’s Steacie Building, the buzz of bean roasting is replaced by the resonating hum of machines inside the Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre (CMSC). This multi-million-dollar lab is brewing a new approach to understanding coffee: gas chromatography techniques enable scientists to observe chemical changes that accompany changes in aroma.

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