For several years we have celebrated excellence in teaching within our own Faculty  by awarding Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence Awards. These awards are distinct from the University Achievement Awards and are announced at the Faculty of Science Holiday Event in December.

We are pleased to announce that we have now established two additional awards, the Faculty of Science Research Excellence Award, and the Faculty of Science Impact Award, which will recognize a faculty or instructor’s contributions in a combination of areas and the overall impact of these contributions.

You are encouraged to apply or to consider nominating a colleague for one or more of these awards. Nominations or applications for all awards should be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Science ( by November 30, 2019.

Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence Awards
Up to three (3) awards of $1,000 for faculty and/or instructors and up to two (2) awards of $1,000 for contract instructors can be made each year.

Faculty of Science Research Excellence Awards
Up to three (3) FS-REAs awards of $5,000 per year (in the form of an unrestricted research fund), one in each of the three ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor).

Faculty of Science Impact Awards
Up to three (3) awards per year of $1,000 each for faculty and/or instructors.

Details on criteria, nomination and application procedures can be found at the appropriate links: