The Faculty of Science recognizes excellence in teaching, research, impact and in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion. The Faculty of Science encourages self-application, but nominations can also come from a colleague or committee within Science. Self- and nominated-applications will be treated equally. The deadline to apply is October 31.

Applications will be adjudicated by a committee created by the Dean (typically Chairs, Directors, and Associate Deans). The committee will only use the submitted material in their assessment of the merits of the applicants; material extending beyond page limits will not be considered.

The assessment period differs for the awards. Applicants with eligible leaves of absence (e.g., medical, parental, eldercare) occurring during the assessment period should:

  • Indicate the type and duration of the leave
  • Extend the period of reporting by double the leave duration (e.g., 6 months leave within the last 2 years = report on last 3 years of research accomplishments)

Applicants/nominees with COVID impacts that resulted in career slowdowns but not formal leaves of absence:

  • Briefly describe the circumstances and impact. Include the duration and percent reduction in time in this impact statement
  • Extend the period of reporting back by the COVID impact duration multiplied by the percent time reduction (e.g., 50% research reduction over 2 years due to family caring responsibilities = 1 extra year added; 100% research reduction over 1 year resulting from the inability to do field work = 1 extra year added)

For leaves and career slowdowns, only state the nature of the circumstances (e.g., medical, bereavement, family responsibilities, special, COVID). No further details are required. Briefly include this information in the application.


Faculty of Science Excellence Awards

Faculty of Science Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion AwardsSubmit online application
Up to two (2) awards of $1000 for faculty, instructors, and contract instructors

Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence Awards – Submit online application
Up to three (3) awards of $1,000 for faculty and/or instructors and up to two (2) awards of $1,000 for contract instructors can be made each year.

Faculty of Science Research Excellence Awards – Submit online application
Up to three (3) awards of $5,000 per year, one in each of the three ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor).

Faculty of Science Impact Awards – Submit online application
Up to three (3) awards per year of $1,000 each for faculty and/or instructors.

Details on criteria, nomination and application procedures can be found at the appropriate links: