The Fields-Carleton Distinguished Lecture is an annual lecture sponsored by the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Carleton University. The series features internationally-renowned speakers with expertise in mathematics, statistics and theoretical computer science. Each guest speaker delivers a public lecture as well as a research lecture, which is more technical in nature.

2022 Fields-Carleton Distinguished Lecture

Chaotic Music and Fractal Art: A Glimpse into the Neurophysiology of Aesthetics

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022 at 7pm at Residence Commons, Second Floor

The enjoyment of music and art are uniquely human experiences. Yet we still do not understand the attributes that lead us to appreciate some artistic works and not others. In this talk, Dr. Leon Glass will address how concepts in mathematics can help us to think about these matters, and challenge you to think about what you hear and see, and how you do it.


Guest Speaker: Dr. Leon Glass

Emeritus Professor
McGill University

Glass is renowned for his research on applica- tions of nonlinear dynamics to physiology and medicine. He has made major contributions to the mathematics of biological function and rhythms in the cardiovascular system, dynamics and control in genetic and neural networks, and visual perception.

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