Environmental and Social Impact with a Global Reach

While the Butterfly Show has become a fall tradition in Ottawa, the impact of the show expands far beyond the local community. The 40+ species of butterflies are sourced from butterfly farms around the world. Such farming relies on the maintenance and protection of jungle and rain forest conditions, as the butterflies can only thrive if their natural habitats are preserved. Global butterfly farms also create jobs by employing local residents who have expertise in cultivating and farming the butterflies safely and sustainably.

No End in Sight

Year after year, families flock to Carleton’s campus to enjoy the butterflies; and year after year, parents, children, students and friends leave the show feeling excited and grateful.

“The evident happiness on the faces of visitors is what gives me and my team the energy to keep delivering and improving upon the show,” says Bruggink. “The Butterfly Show is a signal to community members that Carleton is a unique place that’s doing great things—and we will continue to do great things far into the future.”

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