Science Capability

Overview: The NIF is home to two state-of-the-art Electron Microscopes, a scanning electron microscope and a transmission electron microscope. Using these machines, we are able to image both surface (scanning) and internal structures (transmission) of specimens, and detect their elemental composition.

Centre Capacity:

  • SEM: Minimum resolution is 3nm at 30kv and high vacuum mode, magnification ranges from 3x to 500,000x
  • TEM: Minimum point/line resolution is24nm/0.144nm at 200kv, with a maximum magnification of 1,050,000x


  • Facility manager: Jianqun Wang
  • Co-Director: Professor Shelley Hepworth
  • Co-Director: Professor Sean Barry

Industrial Application

Focus:  Electronics, High Tech, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automobile, Petroleum, Mining, Forestry, Medical, Chemical/Biochemical, Food, Environmental Protection, Sustainable/Renewable Energy, Forensics 

Project Examples: Visualization of blade fatigue structures of aero-craft turbo engines, high-resolution imaging of pollutant particles of soil, integrated-circuitry failure identification, drug delivering capsule imaging under simulated human-body environment, alloy and ceramic elemental quantification for both automobile and aerospace industries, elemental mapping of geological specimens for mining purposes, pollutant identification of tailing ponds

Engagement types and co-funding

  • R&D partnerships (up to 80% cash contributions available)
  • contract research and consulting
  • for-fee tool use
  • Industrial-partnered student internships (50% cash contributions available)

Point of Contact: Jeff Smirle, Business Manager- Faculty of Science; 613-875-1355


Contact Information

Jeff Smirle, Business Manager- Faculty of Science;
Phone: 613-875-1355

222 Steacie Building
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5B6

Facility Details