Centre Capability

Overview: The Science Technology Centre (STC) is a one stop machine shop for all your design and custom fabrication needs. From prototyping to final production runs, we can produce one – or one thousand – individual parts or complete assemblies to meet our clients’ needs. Utilizing state of the art CAD/CAM software, we’ve designed and manufactured everything from complex devices to individual screws; our parts have been installed underground as part of CERN and the SNO lab, and sent into space with NASA! We work closely with our clients, offering personalized service and expert advice throughout all stages of the production process, from design conception all the way through to final installation. Initial consultations are free, and we always provide an estimate prior to starting production.

Centre Capacity: Precision CNC Machining – including 5 axis, Waterjet cutting, Welding TIG/MIG, CAD/CAM, Proto-typing, Repair Services, Technical and conceptual design assistance.

Equipment: Hass VF2YT Milling Center 5 Axis Trunnion, Hass SL20 Lathe – Live Tooling, Mitsui Seiki 20–Tools CNC Milling Center, Maho 4 axis CNC, Lilian Acu-Rite CNC Mill, Hardinge Lathes, Deckel Mill, Piranha Iron worker, Icoca Lathe.


  • Steve Tremblay, Mechanical Supervisor
  • Graham Beard, CAD/CAM Supervisor

Focus:  Engineering, High Energy Physics, Nuclear and Chemical Sciences, Biomedical, Telecommunications, and Commercial Industries.

Project Examples:

  • Physics: Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO), The ATLAS Experiment LHC-CERN, Omni Purpose Apparatus OPAL, Cosmic Ray Inspection & Passive Tomography CRIPT;
  • Engineering: Aircraft Simulator, Lunar Rover, Rotorcraft Research SHARCS;
  • Medical: Artificial Wrist Joint, Scoliosis Spine Implant, Tendon Punch, Fracture Study Devices, Artificial Heart Battery Canisters

Engagement type: Fee-for-service contracts

Point of Contact:

Steve Tremblay, 613-520-4442, steve.tremblay@carleton.ca;

Graham Beard, 613-520-4442, graham.beard@carleton.ca

Website: http://carleton.ca/stc/

Contact Information

Steve Tremblay, 613-520-4442, steve.tremblay@carleton.ca; Graham Beard, 613-520-4442, graham.beard@carleton.ca


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