Science Capability

The Materials Testing Laboratories in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering provides a variety of standard and custom tests of basic mechanical and thermal properties, as well as metallographic and microscopy for microstructural characterization.

  • MTSservo-hydraulic load frames
    • MTS 810 Systems, axial tension/compression loading
    • Static/dynamic loading up to 100 KN
    • Low/High cycle fatigue
    • Hydraulic wedge grips for flat and circular specimens
    • MTS 370 Bionix, axial tension/compression/torsional loading
    • Static/dynamic loading up to 15 KN
    • Torsional loading up to 150 N-m and 270 Deg angle of twist
    • Low/High cycle fatigue
  • Instron Dynatup drop tester
    • Capacity: maximum 1 m drop height and 136 J impact
    • Variable drop height and impact energies
    • Removable and customizable impactor
  • High temperature furnaces
    • Capacity: up to 1500°C
    • Nitrogen or Argon shielding gas available
    • Timed countdown of heating cycle
    • For the 1500°C Furnace, sample size must be 60mm in diameter or smaller
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
    • Real-time graphing of the glass transition phase of polymers heated and cooled in an oxygen displaced environment
    • Temperature differential from +300°C down to -90°C
    • Quantitative and qualitative data on endothermic (heat absorption) and exothermic (heat evolution) processes of materials during physical transitions that are caused by phase changes, melting, oxidation and other heat-related changes.
  • Thermal Gravimetric Analysis(TGA)
    • Real-time graphing of initial mass/temperature of polymers during their thermal transition heated in an inert gas environment
    • Materials characterization of polymers, elastomers and thermoplastics through analysis of characteristic decomposition patterns.
    • Thermal heating capacity up to +300°C
  • Manual and automated metallography
    • Belt sanders, abrasive polishing pads, and rotary polishers
    • Buehler automated grinder/polisher with holder for up to 10 specimens
    • Vibratory polisher
  • Optical Microscopy
    • 18MP CCD camera imaging of specimens with microscopes
  • Rockwell and Knoop hardness testers
    • Rockwell B and C scale harness measurments
    • Knoop Harness Microscopes have an indentation capacity of 10 grams-force to 2000 grams-force
  • Charpy impact tester
    • Standard charpy v-notch specimen tester.
  • “Optotrak Certus” – DMM (Dynamic Measuring Machine)
    • 1mm marker accuracy in 3 dimensions and 6 degrees of freedom
    • Real time frequency of 4600 Hz data logging
    • Individual marker resolution of 0.01mm
    • Up to 8 individual sensing markers can be used simultaneously
    • Virtual marker points can also be created to establish fixed or moving points for referencing or measuring relative tracking
    • Data analysis with “NDI First Principles” software


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