Science Capability

Overview: X-ray diffractometry allows for compositional, structural, and stress analyses of natural (earth) and synthetic inorganic and organic materials over a temperature (room to 1200oC) range. Sample types include powder, intact solids, and thin films.

Centre Capacity: Empyrean-platform (Panalytical) x-ray diffractometer with high-speed spot and 1-D analysis; clay-mineral glycolation and thermal analyses; analytical software and phase ID database.


  • Professor George R. Dix, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Professor Sean Barry, Department of Chemistry
  • Professor Steve McGarry, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Professor Rong Liu, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Administrative: Jianqun Wang, Faculty of Science
  • Other: Graduate students, Undergraduate students

Industrial Application

Focus:  Earth, chemical, and biological sciences; Engineering; Manufacturing; Forensic analysis; Provenance studies of material and art 

Project Examples: Phase ID and abundance of geological (crystal, whole rock, soil and sediment) and engineered (metal, silica-based) materials; Fe/Mg/Ca compositional differentiation of carbonate rocks and sediment; quality assessment of engineered thin film (silica, metal) production

Engagement types and co-funding

  • R&D partnerships (up to 80% cash contributions available)
  • Contract Analysis
  • Industrial-partnered student internships (up to 50% cash contributions available)

Point of Contact: Jeff Smirle, Business Manager- Faculty of Science; 613-875-1355


Contact Information

Jeff Smirle, Business Manager- Faculty of Science;
Phone: 613-875-1355
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Facility Details

    Department of Earth Sciences