Annually the Faculty of Science may grant up to three (3) awards to faculty and instructors (contract instructors are not eligible). Awardees will receive $1000, taxed as income. These awards recognize and celebrate outstanding faculty members in their work. All Instructors or Professors, regardless of rank, are encouraged to apply. Impact comes in many forms. Examples of impactful activities and accomplishments include (but are not limited to):

  • Notable efforts in knowledge exchange and science communication
  • Engagement in co-production and co-leadership with diverse stakeholders
  • Meaningful contributions (overt or subtle) that have impacted the discipline, unit, the Faculty of Science, or society
  • Contributing at the science-policy interface
  • Producing contributions that inspire students, staff, and/or faculty to feel valued and motivated
  • Innovative or visionary contributions to the unit of faculty
  • Impact occurring outside the traditional lines of teaching, research, and service
  • Using different, unconventional, creative, or novel thinking in academic pursuits
  • Research, teaching or service that has impacted society, communities, public policies, or practice beyond academe
  • Research that has been successfully translated into impactful commercial applications

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application

To submit an application or nomination:

Using the link provided, provide an abridged description of the impact. We encourage broad and creative demonstrations of impact. The description must include: the applicant’s name, current rank, unit, email address, contributions to the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion. The overall application must be no longer than two pages (12pt font, single spaced).

Assessment Criteria:

Impact comes in many forms, so we are opting to not provide specific assessment criteria.  We encourage applicants who feel like they have had impact in any area to apply. Applicants will be assessed on the strength of their letter and their ability to articulate their impact. We will rank applicants on the richness of their impact, being mindful of the possible diversity of applications.

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application