Annually the Faculty of Science may grant up to three (3) awards of $5,000 per year, normally one for each of the three ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor). The purpose of the Faculty of Science Research Awards is to recognize outstanding research within the last two years in Carleton’s Faculty of Science. Applicants will be considered for the award by the rank they held in the Faculty of Science as of September 30, two years prior to the application date (shifted earlier if there has been leave). There are no restrictions on the number of times an applicant can apply for these awards, but a faculty member may only win the award once per rank. Instructors and Contract Instructors are not eligible to apply. Recipients can choose to accept $1000 (taxed as income) and a $4,000 research grant or a $5,000 research grant.

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application here

To submit an application:

  1. Provide an abridged two-page (12pt font, single spaced) curriculum vitae (CV). Ensure that the applicant’s name, current rank, unit, rank two years ago (more with leave), and email address is included in this abridged CV. List the most significant research contributions over the past two years (extended with leave). The Faculty of Science values all forms of research contributions including but not limited to (paraphrased from NSERC’s Guidelines on the assessment of research contributions available here).
    • developing and delivering training workshops outside of research or course requirements
    • mentoring students, colleagues, collaborators, relevant partners, other professionals or community members
    • outreach to and engaging with students, youth or members of the general public
    • training in traditional knowledge or Indigenous ways of knowing including cultural practices
    • establishing safe, equitable and inclusive research environments, practices and norms
    • transferring products, processes, services, technology to organizations or communities
    • communicating research results or knowledge translation to specialist or non-specialist audiences
    • participating on scientific or advisory committees
    • facilitating or strengthening partnerships or collaborations in Canada or beyond
    • developing tools for use by researchers or the public intellectual property
    • publications (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, communications, pre-prints, monographs, reviews, conference proceedings, posters, government publications, industry reports)
  1. Provide an abridged two-page (12pt font, single spaced) narrative describing those contributions. For details on description breadth, refer to NSERC Discovery Grant’s peer review manual:
    • Describe the most important research contributions in the last two years (more with leave)
    • Discuss the applicant’s role, impact to the field, and contributions to the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion in research
    • Description can include grants, awards, prizes, invitations; committees, editorial boards, and/or advisory board memberships; public outreach activities; rationale for disseminating and communicating research findings; additional information the applicant wishes to highlight; other applicable recognition factors

Assessment Criteria

Mentoring highly qualified personnel – Measures of impact may include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in career discussions with students
  • Mentoring new researchers or research trainees
  • Engaging in a formal mentor-mentee network that supports the mentorship of individuals from underrepresented groups
  • Engages in the development or operation of community groups which support underrepresented groups (e.g., Women in Science and Engineering)
  • Awards/recognition of mentorship of trainees by internal or external organizations

Inclusive research practices to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion – Measures of impact may include, but are not limited to:

  • Evidence of nurturing inclusive research environment
  • Evidence that the researcher attempts to recruit diverse students into their program
  • Evidence that the researcher disseminates their findings in an accessible manner
  • Evidence that the researcher cultivates practices that challenge systemic barriers and creates pathways for historically marginalized individuals

Research output – Measures of impact may include, but are not limited to:

  • Patents or technology transfer
  • Government reports
  • Peer reviewed journal publications
  • Conference presentations and/or proceedings
  • Books or book chapters
  • Other methods of dissemination as appropriate to the field of research

 Research impact – Measures of impact may include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge mobilization
  • Changes to policy
  • Collaborative publications
  • Collaborative grants
  • Awards and honours
  • Public outreach activities
  • Prestige of publication outlets
  • Evidence that research is transformative within the nominee’s field

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application here