Annually the Faculty of Science may grant up to three (3) awards for faculty and instructors and up to two (2) awards for contract instructors. Awardees will receive $1000, taxed as income. All Contract Instructors, Instructors or Professors, regardless of rank, are encouraged to apply. Awards will be judged based on teaching impact over the past two academic years at Carleton.

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application here

To submit an application or nomination

Using the link provided, provide an abridged description of the applicant’s teaching expertise, including (as applicable) examples of the applicant’s teaching innovations, student mentorship, student comments about the nominee, Raving Ravens, and publications/papers on teaching and learning produced by the applicant. We encourage a broad and creative demonstration of the applicant’s teaching effectiveness. The description must include: the applicant’s name, current rank, unit, email address, how the applicant contributes to the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion in teaching. The overall application must be no longer than two pages (12pt font, single spaced). 
Assessment Criteria

Teaching excellence – Evidence of excellence include, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching evaluations (SEQs)
  • Teaching awards
  • Informal feedback (raving ravens, etc)

 Pedagogical leadership – Evidence of pedagogical leadership include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting work at conferences
  • Publication of teaching-related papers
  • Delivering teaching-related workshops
  • Formal or informal mentoring of colleagues

 Teaching / pedagogical innovation – Evidence of innovation include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementation and/or creation of novel teaching approaches or practices, e.g., using AI in learning
  • Using novel tools in the classroom (including hybrid/online)

 Inclusive teaching practices – Evidence of inclusivity include, but are not limited to:

  • Statements in course outlines
  • Implementation of the EDI teaching toolkit
  • Incorporation of Indigenous learning bundles
  • Presenting ideas in different ways
  • Incorporating diverse examples of researchers into the course

Nomination/application deadline is October 31: Submit online application here