Annual Biology Butterfly Show

The butterflies are free!

Don’t you love free activities for your family? The Ottawa Butterfly Show is a free, open to the public annual event that runs daily for ten days in October. The show features 1,300 butterflies that arrive in five separate shipments, representing 41 different species worldwide. Butterflies love to land on colourful clothing and will climb on to an open hand. The event is appropriate for people of all ages.

More than 1,000 area students and 10,000 visitors total came into the steamy greenhouse doors at the west side of Carleton’s’ campus for last years Butterfly show.

Donations are greatly appreciated and necessary to keep the tradition going. You can donate at the event or online.

The 2018 Butterfly Show began on Saturday, Sept. 29 and closed on Sunday, Oct. 7.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year's show; to those who took time from their schedules to visit our campus and experience the magic of the butterflies in person; and to all who generously donated to this event. Special thanks also to Greenhouse Manager Ed Bruggink  ('Papa Papillon' - watch the video below), who has played a key role in making this event a success for the last 18 years. 

We look forward to seeing you next year! 

The Butterflies Arrived!

Papa Papillon 

Ed Bruggink, Greenhouse Manager at Carleton University, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the Butterfly Show.