Photo of Edana Cassol

Edana Cassol

Associate Professor, Department of Health Science, Carleton University


Dr. Cassol is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Carleton University and has affiliations with the Centre of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Ottawa and the Bruyere Research Institute. Her collaborative research program seeks to answer fundamental questions related to the role of cellular metabolism in regulating macrophage function across diverse tissue microenvironments and the ability of pathogens to regulate cellular metabolism to subvert host immune responses and drive inflammation. She is interested in developing new therapeutics that target macrophage-pathogen interactions to fine tune inflammatory processes and restore healing and tissue homeostasis. Dr. Cassol is co-leading the establishment of the Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials Hub at Carleton University. This interdisciplinary network of researchers is interested in using multimodal imaging modalities and 3D tissue models to investigate the biological mechanisms underlying tissue remodeling and the development of age-associated and chronic diseases.