We stock all required items for students in undergraduate science labs: goggles, lab coats, lab manuals, insect boxes and mineral kits. Photographs of some of these items can be viewed below.

To place an order for undergraduate supplies, please read and follow these instructions.

Grain Size Comparator Card

Grain Size Comparator Card


Magnet, Pencil (ERTH2802)


White Field Notebooks (ERTH2802)


Douglas Protractor (ERTH 2802)

Lego Mindstorm Robot

Dissecting Probe – Blunt

Hand Lens 10x23mm doublet

Hand Lens, Bausch & Lomb

Dissecting Kit (ERTH)

Mineral Kit

Lab Notebook (black)

Lab Notebook (light blue)

Safety Glasses (over glasses)

Safety Glasses Large (fits over glasses)

Safety Glasses 3M