Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

When: Wednesday, February 26th, 2020
Time: 6:30 pm — 7:30 pm
Location:Sunnyside Branch of the Ottawa Public Library at 1049 Bank Street (at Aylmer Ave in Old Ottawa South)
Audience:Anyone, 613-520-2600 x 8760

Guest Speaker: David McMullin, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Institute of Biochemistry

With access to upwards of 20 per cent of global freshwater resources, Canada is the steward for a significant amount of the planet’s freshwater. Over the last one hundred years, freshwater ecosystems (e.g., rivers, lakes and wetlands) have undergone widespread environmental change because of population growth, pollution, increased temperatures and habitat degradation.

A highly visible consequence of this environmental change is the increase in frequency and magnitude of toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms. These blooms release toxin mixtures into freshwater that negatively impact human and ecosystem health, wildlife, and local economies. In this talk, Prof. McMullin will highlight our current understanding of harmful algal blooms and discuss existing limitations for managing their natural toxins in freshwater.

Learn more about Prof. McMullin’s research by visiting his faculty page.

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