Detecting misconduct

  • For support with methods and resources for detecting academic misconduct in your class, please contact
  • For support with detecting (and removing) postings of your past or ongoing assessments to various online cheating-as-a-service websites, please contact

Reporting misconduct

If you have found evidence of academic misconduct in your class please review the checklist below and send all of your correspondence to

Instructor Checklist

    • Please include the following items in your letter:
      • List of accused students’ full names & IDs
      • Course outline
      • Assessment instructions
      • Any provided content for the assessment under consideration (e.g. scaffolding, starting code, etc.)
      • Student submission(s)
      • Description of the allegation (Be as specific as possible with respect to how the details of the evidence support the allegation)
      • Discussion of the evidence
    • Please also be aware of the following:
      • A grade of GNA must be assigned to any students with cases that are not resolved by the end of term, unless their final course grade is already an F.


What is Academic Integrity?
Suggestions to Support Integrity
References & Additional Resources